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Biologika - Logic of nature

      Over the thousands of years, there have been many theories about how and why diseases come about. For a long time the diseases aroused fear in people, they thought it was something bad, a malfunction, a failure of the body, a curse of God, karma, a punishment, a potential threat to life…. And then it turned out that the so-called diseases always have a sense. In fact they have a biological sense. What does this mean? In biology there are formulaic emotional patterns, so-called main-conflict-contents, which are important biologically (regarding of life and survival) because the subject of the conflict can threaten the life, the life-stability or even the survival. Therefore, in the case of biological conflicts, our brain, our brain computer, ALWAYS triggers biological adaptation responses, tissue-growth or tissue-loss. If the emotional stress stops, tumor-degradation or tissue restoration starts accompanied by inflammation. In this way it became clear, that the natural alterations consist of two phases, and later on, that all our

possible natural alterations work according to a simple but strict system. That means, now we can know, on which tissues, in which organ part which alteration is possible at all and which is not. Today we can know, which emotional conflict can trigger an alteration in exactly which organ part. Or conversely. If there is an alteration going on in an organ part, we can already know, which emotional conflict we had to suffer, to experience exactly, with which we provoked these symptoms. This is what the Biologika Organ Atlas is about. It shows, of which parts our organs consist and how they function in the course of a natural alteration. It describes the alterations that can occur in an organ or organ part as a result of emotional effects (as a result of emotional conflicts).

The author

      In 2004, I got a colon cancer diagnosis, with the prognosis, that I will produce metastases of liver and lung in a few months, and „in a lucky case”, I will live a few years yet. I was not even thirty years old. When somebody gets such a diagnosis, one thinks about that, what is senseful and valuable in the life and what is just taking time. I made a beautiful career relatively young, and did not even know that, what was happening in my body. It was no joke for me, because at that time people did not survive the fifth dose of chemotherapy, and I saw how they looked after the second, third, fourth. I decided, that if I must die, I would rather choose the natural death. But until then, I find out something, what I can do for myself, in order to make the remaining part of my life a little longer and more beautiful. I searched for answers in the cancer topic. I found the answers. I survived. I got to know, experienced and learned the five biological nature laws and the correlation-knowledge belonging to it. From the original works it was a huge effort and many years of work for me to collect the important data and knowledge from hundreds of pages. I have seen that Dr. Hamer has no such work from which one can learn the important things cleanly, briefly and simply. But the important things are not complicated. In 2005 I started to develop the Organ Atlas and the first publication was released in 2006. About me I would like to say briefly, that I am nothing special, I am a simple, curious, skeptical person, I like learning and self-development. I am not a doctor, I am not a healer. I survived my cancer not because I had a good doctor, but because I was looking for the truth. At that time, my life depended on it. You, dear reader, you don’t have to wait for it, the book, the simple teaching material is here, it is ready. Get to know your biology, get to know the biological fail-possibilities of life, thereby you know what to avoid, thereby you know what to pay attention to, in order not to produce a severe and painful alteration. Learn the correlation of soul-brain-organs.

“Because prevention is better
than pain reduction.
/Roberto Barnai/

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Changes of discounts! What discount do I get if I buy more books?

      This website is the site of the distributor of the Biologika Organ Atlas, where we offer a considerable volume discount for all. There is no volume discount for a single book. More than one book can be in different languages. For two books there is -20% discount (64 EUR/piece). For an order of three books there is a -30% discount (56 EUR/piece) and for an order of four books there is a -40% discount (48 EUR/piece). This only applies to one order. Multiple orders cannot be added together, i.e. if you order four books with a 40% discount for the first time and then order two books for the second time, we cannot apply the 40% discount to the second order, only the 20% discount. Different discounts cannot be combined, i.e. for example, no additional quantity discount can be granted for discounted books (books that are already discounted from the first item). Do you want to buy a book at a lower price than last year? Call your friends and ask if somebody wants an Organ Atlas, and if you order four pieces at once, the price per piece is 48 EUR!

To whom is the Biologika Organ Atlas intended?

      For those who are curious about, how the so-called natural alterations in our body work, how they run. The alterations, which we formerly misunderstood as diseases. Are there non-natural alterations? Yes, the alterations that come about through poisoning, accidents or radiation, but these account for only a few percent of all health problems. In the case of all the others, we can make very good use of our knowledge of biological nature laws and correlations.

Do I need a medical degree to understand how the body works?

       It is not necessary. The book is not written in Latin, but in a simple and understandable language. All you need is common sense, intelligent thinking and curiosity. If you have read and understood the chapter of Fundamentals with the green background in the Organ Atlas twice, then it is for you. Then you will find the book very useful. The book contains many pictures and graphics.

Is this knowledge useful also in the case of animals?

    In the case of animals, the same biological nature laws are working. On the same emotional conflict we produce the same alteration. Because of species-specific programming, in case of different species, different situations trigger the same emotional conflict. For example, in mice, smoke triggers a fear-of-death conflict, but in hamsters it does not. In predatory birds, confinement (in a cage) causes fear-of-death conflict (and lung cancer). In case of animals, the challenge is that we cannot ask the animal what causes his/her stress. However, the kind-hearted animal owner can unravel this (through observation), and if he can achieve that the animal no longer suffers from this source of stress, the alteration runs its course and the sympoms disappear. This can be controlled at any time. Just like in humans, because this is the order of nature.

Why is this book so expensive?

      This book is not expensive, if you look at the contents it is very cheap. There is an old saying that “those who find it expensive to acquire the knowledge, do not calculate the costs of not knowing”. If the dear buyer thinks that the book is expensive, please consider the cost of a health education, the cost of a consultation with a biologika consultant, a naturopath, an expert doctor, surgeon, pharmacist or any other specialist. When you buy the book, you are buying the textbook of one of the most valuable knowledges, which includes 16 years of research and educational development by Roberto Barnai, and specifically 18 months of day and night work on the latest edition. When you consider what you get in the book and how much work is in there, the price of the book is ridiculously cheap.
And on top of that there are quantity discounts.

If I order today, when will the book arrive?

      Delivery times are usually 1-2 days to Hungary and 3-7 working days within the EU, and 5-12 working days to countries outside the EU.

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